Contact us if you are moving,  downsizing or settling an estate.  We love to buy books. It is the essence of our business. That being said, there are books that we can use and books we can’t. Every independent book shop reflects the interests, personality and passions of the staff and we

have subjectively selected every book on our shelves.


There is a limited amount of shelf space available but if it’s an interesting book of lasting value in excellent condition chances are we will want it.


We are especially interested in:

Scholarly Books in most areas. (sorry, I’ll pass on Lit Crit)

Good Literature in nice editions

Theology and Eastern Religion

Nebraska History and Authors

History, especially Military

Natural History

“Old Books” but only if attractive,, of historical interest and written by an author that’s still read.


We’ll pass on:

Books in poor condition: worn, soiled, underlined, ex-library, or have musty or tobacco odors.

Computer books of any kind

Old Textbooks

Outdated books: Current Events, Politics, Travel Guides, Medical, Self-Help, Reference (No encyclopedias, please)

Time/Life or National Geographics books

Popular Mysteries: Patterson, Grisham , etc.

Mass Market (pocket-sized) paperbacks